Big Town, Small Landfill

How Athens, Georgia, is a microcosm for the world's trash problem Note: Junior Charlotte Luke recently won a Gold Key Award in the 2019 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards for this article, which originally appeared in the October 2019 issue of The Spartan Review.      I live in Athens, Georgia, a city of approximately … Continue reading Big Town, Small Landfill

100 Never Looked So Good!

Recently the average age of the preschool child jumped dramatically as we proudly celebrated our 100th day of school.  For 100 days our students have been engaging with their peers, working on collaborative relationships, and participating in exciting exploratory learning opportunities.  Seeing our students bound in that day—proudly showcasing their own version of “100” through … Continue reading 100 Never Looked So Good!

The Art of Communicating, with Others and Ourselves

If you have been reading the newspapers recently, watching the news, or following certain social media feeds, it will come as no surprise to you that there is mounting evidence that the level of mental illness in our society is ever-increasing. Two points of emphasis worth noting by looking at the data from the National … Continue reading The Art of Communicating, with Others and Ourselves

Enhancing the Design in Preschool

Community members often praise our Preschool program for placing equal emphasis on the social, emotional, and academic components of child development.  Because these components develop in tandem, our Preschool teachers intentionally plan experiences that provide our students with opportunities to strengthen all of these areas.  Their efforts were once again highlighted last fall when our … Continue reading Enhancing the Design in Preschool

Laughter IS the Best Medicine

Laughter really is the best medicine. Recently I read several articles on laughter and its positive effects. For example, one of the secrets to a long marriage is laughing together, and those who are happily married over 40 years do more giggling together than other couples. Another article cited research that laughter elevates not only … Continue reading Laughter IS the Best Medicine

Standardized Testing at Athens Academy: How & Why

A frequently asked question among prospective families is whether or not Athens Academy administers nationally normed, standardized tests that are common in public schools throughout the country.  The answer is usually a vague “yes and no.”  While Athens Academy, as an independent school, has no requirement at all to use standardized tests, we nevertheless recognize … Continue reading Standardized Testing at Athens Academy: How & Why

Voice Lessons for Parents

Most of my days are spent in conversation and play with students, teachers, and families. So often, an adult will describe an interaction with a child and reflect on how best to respond. My initial thought is almost always appreciation for the adult’s willingness to reflect and share with me. Even for adults who are … Continue reading Voice Lessons for Parents

Future Shock

In his seminal book FutureShock, Alvin Toffler discusses the impact that the acceleration and proliferation of technology and information would have on the human species. In the opening paragraph, he states: “In the three short decades between now and the 21st century, millions of ordinary, psychologically normal people will face an abrupt collision with the future. Citizens … Continue reading Future Shock

Inspiration for a New Year

While scanning my LinkedIn feed yesterday, I came across an article written by Melinda Gates. In this article, she shared that she hasn’t made a New Year’s resolution in recent years; rather, she chooses a word of the year: “a word that encapsulates my aspirations for the twelve months ahead.” For example, in 2016, she … Continue reading Inspiration for a New Year